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Sun. Apr 12th 2020
On behalf of all of us at the Westmoreland Fire Dept., we wish you a safe and healthy Easter!
Sat. Apr 4th 2020
The Westmoreland Fire Department is closely monitoring the COVID-19 Pandemic, and is following direction given by Oneida County Dept. of Emergency Services as well as the Oneida County Health Dept.

Tue. Dec 17th 2019
Congratulations to all those who were elected!Chief: Jeff Grube1st Assistant Chief: David Hartwell2nd Assistant Chief: Russ Smith1st Captain: Waylan Wilczek2nd Captain: Brad Strebing1st Lieutenant: An...
Mon. Sep 30th 2019
Thank you to Believe 271 for supporting Westmoreland FF Jon Lyon in his fight with cancer!
Mon. Sep 30th 2019
Thank you Senator Griffo for your Resolution for the Westmoreland Fire Department's 75th Anniversary!
2020 Line & Civil Election Results
Tue. Dec 17th 2019

Congratulations to all those who were elected!

Chief: Jeff Grube

1st Assistant Chief: David Hartwell

2nd Assistant Chief: Russ Smith

1st Captain: Waylan Wilczek

2nd Captain: Brad Strebing

1st Lieutenant: Anthony Scalise

2nd Lieutenant: Aaron Block

3rd Lieutenant: Bill Peek

4th Lieutenant: Tyler Misiaszek

5th Lieutenant: Aidan Dixon

6th Lieutenant: Bill Lomanto 

EMS Captain: Vincent Ouimette

Fire Police Captain: Rodney Vanbenschoten


President: Charlie Miller

Vice President: Bill Peek

Secretary: Bob Varano

Treasurer: Santana Block

Board of Directors: 

Bernie Lukas

Steve Gorrell

Peter Holmes


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35 entries in the News

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